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Affirming Love Ministries

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About Us

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Affirming Love Ministries (hereinafter referred to as ALMs) was founded by Reverend Laverne Simpson, in September of 2011.  Reverend Simpson also received a vision from God for ALMs to provide a Teen & Young Adult Single Parenting Outreach Program (hereinafter referred to as ALMs TYASP Outreach Program).

ALMs is a diverse, non-denominational, same gender loving affirming & accepting church whose intent is to provide ministries for members to extend their servitude to the community, the body of Christ, family, and friends, and to glorify God through the utilization of their spiritual gifts.

ALMs had their first bible study on December 15, 2011 in the clubhouse at Sutton's Place Apartments and Townhouses in Southfield, MI, and continued weekly until the management company and winter weather no longer permitted.  They have since created a conference call line, and are now continuing bible study via telecommunications. 

In October of 2012, God began to prosper the vision for ALMs.  The ministry, after several offers, was blessed with a place to assemble in worship at 20833 Southfield Rd., Southfield, MI., and on December 2, 2012 ALMs had its first Sunday Morning Service.

In November of 2012, Lady Kimberly Bowers-Simpson received a vision to begin ALMs Catering.  ALMs Catering has renders services for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduation parties, and private events.

On February 20,2013, The ministry was blessed with keys to their church bulding located at 9550 Oakland Avenue in Detroit, MI.

In 2014, the ALMs family, began “Outpouring Affirming Love Ministries” in Ypsilanti, MI, administering monthly services at Eastern Michigan University (discontinued). 

On July 30, 2015, with honorable assistance from Ghana Think Tank, LLC (owners Christopher Robbins and John Ewing) ALMs assumed ownership of their building. 

On July 19, 2016 the family of ALMs, by the grace of God, worked together and purchased the sign that now identifies their building as Affirming Love Ministries.

In July of 2016 ALMS Catering began catering for students and professors of The State University of New York, and members of the community of the Northend.

In March of 2017, ALMs Catering catered for members of the community, the students and professors of Williams College of New York, members of the Indonesia Think Tank, Morocco Think Tank, and Ghana Tank, LLC and continues to cater each year.

In April of 2018, Affirming Love Ministries, Detroit, became the spiritual covering for Eqlise De Jesus Christ Apostolic Church of Haiti and Affirming Love Ministries of Kenya, Africa, in May of 2018. ALMs-Kenya has since established five churches in Kenya and one in Uganda.

In April of 2019, Affirming Love Ministries was planted in Columbus, OH and  ALMs Detroit became the spiritual covering for Growing In Christ Ministry of Detroit, MI.


Our Faith 

 We believe God is love, and love is for EVERYONE. We believe in acknowledging, announcing, confirming, encouraging, and upholding the love of God.  We believe in preaching and teaching the radically inclusive theology of Jesus Christ.                                             

Our Mission

Be a ministry of diversity with the desires to reach out to others, spread the gospel, fulfill the great commission, assert, and support the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

We are a ministry who provides a loving atmosphere to enhance the lives of our members, family, friends, and community through the Word of God, the love of Jesus, the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, praise and worship, and fellowship with one another.   We strive to encourage, inspire, and support others in spiritual education, higher learning, and daily living skills.