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Bishop Laverne Simpson was born and raised in Hammond, Indiana.  She was raised under the Baptist faith. 

In October of 1999, She was introduced to Full Truth Fellowship of Christ Church where she eventually joined, and became a member of the Voices of Truth Choir.  In 2000, Pastor Simpson received her call to ministry.  In September of 2001, she was ordained a Deacon at Full Truth Fellowship of Christ Church, of Detroit, MI.  She began her walk by assisting with the youth ministry.  In April of 2002, she delivered her first mini sermon on the “Seven Last Words of Christ”.  In September of 2002, she was ordained a Minister.  In January of 2003, she was installed the Youth Pastor of the youth department.  In 2003, on several occasions she was invited to preach at Gratiot Presbyterian Church of Detroit.  In August of 2006, she was installed Assistant Pastor of Full Truth, and shortly after became an Associate Pastor.

In 2007, she attended Destiny School of Ministry in Roseville, MI, and Getting the Word Out School of Ministry of Detroit, MI in 2008.  In May of 2008, she was ordained by Bishop John L. Selders Jr. into the Interdenominational Conference of Liberation Congregations and Ministries.  

In September of 2011, under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Simpson. with the love and support of her spiritual soul mate, Kimberly Bowers, founded Affirming Love Ministries, and ALMs Teen and Young Adult-Single Parenting Outreach Program.  The ALMs TYASP Outreach Program is currently in its developing and start-up stage.

On July 8, 2012, she and Lady Kimberly Bowers-Simpson were joined in legal matrimony in Chicago, IL.  Together they have 7 beautiful children, Angel, Raymisha, Samuel, Jourdin, Shemira, Joseph, and Alexis, four grand-daughters, and a grandson.

On October 16, 2012, she was ordained as independent Christian clergy and received her Honorary Doctrine of Divinity from World Christianship Ministries.  She attended Baker College of Allen Park for an Associates Degree in Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Marygrove College of Detroit, MI for her Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies. 

In January of 2016, Pastor Laverne Simpson was Consecrated to the office of Bishop by Chief Consecrator, Apostle Robin D. Harris of Orlando, Florida.

In April of 2018, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Bishop Simpson became the spiritual covering for Eqlise De Jesus Christ Apostolic Church of Haiti and in May of 2018, Affirming Love Ministries of Kenya Africa.

In April of 2019, under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Bishop Simpson planted two ministries in the state of Ohio, Affirming Love Ministries-Columbus and Affirming Love Ministries-Cleveland, and became the spiritual covering for Growing In Christ Ministries of Detroit, MI.

In September, Bishop Simpson was consecrated to the order of Apostle by Chief Consecrator,  Chief Apostle Brenda Brown of Chicago, IL.


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